We love to make everything ourselves. The “HOME – MADE” and the handling of local products is our passion.
Come visit and You will be surprised!


Marinated vegetables with grilled Tomino cheese and onion and red wine sauce  € 11,00

Smoked char from Passiria valley on potatoes and lamb’s lettuce  € 13,00

Typical South Tyrolean “Brettljause” with various mountain cheese and South Tyrolean bacon  € 14,00

Grilled beef-girello with pickled chanterelles and mountain cheese flakes  € 13,50


Frothy hay soup with field flowers and croutons from Venosta valley  € 8,50

Consommé with bacon dumplings  € 8,50

Consommé Célestine with mountain herbs  € 8,50


Three types of dumplings with coleslaw  € 13,00

Homemade spinach ravioli with brown butter and Parmesan  € 12,00

Tagliatelle with northern prawns, julienne vegetables and soy sauce  € 13,00

Spaghetti with garlic and olive oil with fresh datterino tomatoes, basil pesto and chili pepper  € 11,00

“Paccheri” Mediterranean style (artichokes, tomatoes, olives & capers)  € 11,50

Spaghetti with bolognese sauce  € 9,50

Spaghetti with tomato sauce  € 9,50


“Wiener Schnitzel”, breaded turkey cutlet with fried potatoes or chips  € 16,50

Beef goulash from local beef with bacon dumplings  € 17,00

Nebraska filet steak, grilled potatoes, root vegetables, parmesan cheese and red pepper  € 23,00

Grilled vegetables with local mountain cheese  € 13,50

Grilled chicken breast on winter salad  € 13,50

Grilled prawns on a bed of salad  € 15,00

Fried eggs from Sciliar farms with speck and  € 13,00
roasted potatoes


Penne with bolognese sauce  € 7,50

Penne with tomato sauce  € 7,50

Frankfurter sausage with chips  € 7,50

Small “Wiener Schnitzel”, breaded turkey cutlet with chips  € 10,50


Tiramisu in a glass  € 7,00

Curd cheese-nougat dumplings with vanilla sauce  € 7,50

“Scheiterhaufen” apple cake with homemade raspberry ice  € 7,50

Homemade “Kaiserschmarrn” (shredded pancake) with homemade lingonberry jam  € 12,50

Apple strudel  € 4,50

Curd cheese strudel  € 4,50

Buckwheat cake  € 4,50

Whipped cream, vanilla sauce  € 0,80

One scoop of vanilla ice cream  € 1,50

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