A slice of Brixen history, shining in new splendour

When the Plose cable car first started running in 1964, the construction of a mountain restaurant was never going to be far behind it. The initial stages were anything but easy, however, and for four years a temporary hut, which Barbara Cimadom (Babett) managed in exemplary fashion from 1965, had to suffice.

With the passing of the years a variety of owners followed, until 1983, when the restaurant was finally taken over by the Marzola family. Cable car operators and experienced restaurateurs from Val Gardena, they put their hearts and souls into running the popular venue on the Plose, and also took over the time-consuming renovation works.

Today, the Restaurant La Finestra is an unmissable destination. Its unique location at 2,050 metres above sea level makes the “most beautiful viewing window over Brixen” shine – and its visitors along with it.